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Decision Desk HQ and Europe Elects Partner to Provide German Election Results and Analysis

September 8, 2021

Decision Desk HQ, the leading provider of election results and data in the United States, is pleased to announce that it will be working with Europe Elects to provide results and analysis of the German Federal Election on September 26, 2021.

Decision Desk HQ will be providing live, updating election results on election day starting after polls close at 6pm in Germany, noon eastern in the United States. In conjunction with the live results on decisiondeskhq.com, Europe Elects will be providing expert commentary at europeelects.eu.

Starting Thursday, September 9th, Decision Desk HQ will run a series of weekly posts at decisiondeskhq.com from Europe Elects founder Tobias Gerhard Schminke. The posts are designed to help the US audience understand the German electoral process as well as providing news and analysis of the campaign and the results.

“The opportunity to partner with Europe Elects and to be able to tap into their experience and expertise in Germany and across Europe enables us to team up to provide the best English language coverage of this incredibly important election. As the first outlet to call the presidential, Senate, and House elections in 2020, expanding our coverage to include key international elections is a natural progression for us. This is the first of many non-US elections we’ll be covering moving forward.” - Drew McCoy, President of Decision Desk HQ.

“Europe Elects is dedicated to providing the best coverage of European elections through poll tracking, analysis, and election night coverage. The 2021 German election is one of the most crucial and uncertain in decades. The results will reverberate across Europe and the globe for years to come, and we’re thrilled to be working Decision Desk HQ to bring them to our combined audiences. The combination of our data analysis on election night and their ability to collect and display the results is an exciting opportunity befitting such an important event.” - Tobias Gerhard Schminke, founder of Europe Elects.

The combination of Decision Desk HQ’s proven election results collection system and data science team, along with Europe Elects reputation as one of the leading election analysis organizations in Europe, means audiences in the US and across Europe will have access to the most up to date results and news on what is one of the most important elections of 2021.

About Decision Desk HQ

Founded on a commitment of accurate, fast, and first, Decision Desk HQ is a US and international election night results reporting and data science and editorial service.

In 2020, Decision Desk HQ was the first election race results and call service to declare Joe Biden the winner of the US Presidential Election and that Democrats had won a majority of seats in the US House and Senate. Of the 16 key races in November of 2020, Decision Desk HQ called 14 of them first.

In 2021, Decision Desk HQ has been first to call 16 of the most important 18 races first.

Decision Desk HQ provides a wide variety of election night results and election data to media outlets, political organizations, and academics.

Click here to learn more about Decision Desk HQ election results and data services.

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About Europe Elects

Europe Elects is a market leader in the analysis of polls and election data in Europe. The Germany-based start-up contextualises the data for free for 204,000 followers (updated: 28 May 2021) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and YouTube, and has provided analysis to Al Jazeera, Euronews, Heinrich-Boell Foundation, the University of Georgia and other major international stakeholders in the past. Moreover, Europe Elects acts as a democracy watchdog in authoritarian countries. During Europe Elects’ work, the platform breaks the national narrative and reports from a European perspective for a pan-European audience. POLITICO Europe has found in 2019 that Europe Elects is “ahead of CNN or Le Monde” as the 12th most influential media in the EU Parliament.

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