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Decision Desk HQ Welcomes Veteran Software Engineer Glenn Harmon Jr. as Vice President of Engineering

March 31, 2022

Decision Desk HQ, the leading provider of election results and related data in the United States, is excited to announce that Glenn Harmon Jr is now part of our team, serving as Vice President of Engineering.

Decision Desk HQ has built its reputation at the fastest election night reporting service while also providing unmatched technical support and analytical tools to our clients.

“Bringing Glenn on board to head our engineering team is an important milestone for us. We’ve been expanding rapidly across all areas of the business from operations and data science to our client facing products and internal tech, so this was a natural step to take. In his role of VP of Engineering Glenn will lead our development team and touch all these core aspects of our organization. His passion for our work, leadership skills, and technical abilities are just a perfect fit for what we do and how we want to go about doing it.” - Drew McCoy, President of Decision Desk HQ.

“I’m really excited about this opportunity”, Harmon Jr. said, “I love the work we do here at Decision Desk HQ. It’s not just a business but an important public service. We’re always looking to push the envelope of what’s possible from a technology standpoint in collecting results, calling races, and supporting our clients.”

“It’s a great team to work with and I especially look forward to working with so much up and coming talent. Being a mentor and sharing my experience with younger team members is important to me personally and professionally. This is a great place to do that while also creating great products for our internal and external clients.”

About Decision Desk HQ

Decision Desk HQ is a leading provider of real-time election results, race calls and related data, and the only provider to cover US elections from the presidency and Congress to the county and city level. Launched in 2012 on a hunch that we could use technology to improve the speed and lower the cost of collecting election returns, we were first to call the presidency for Donald Trump in 2016 and for Vice President Joe Biden in 2020. In 2022, we were first to call control of Congress and also covered 16,000 local races. We continue to innovate with new technologies to drive more efficient results reporting that prioritizes accuracy, supports local coverage, and strengthens trust in the democratic process.

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