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Canadian Election Results on DDHQ

September 17, 2021

Decision Desk HQ, the leading source of election results and data in the United States, is pleased to announce that it will be providing coverage of the Canadian Federal Election on Monday, September 20th.

Decision Desk HQ will carry live, updating election results on election day with first returns expected at approximately 10pm eastern. Vote totals and race calls will be supplied by The Canadian Press and displayed on Decision Desk HQ’s results page.

In addition to live results, Decision Desk HQ will have analysis throughout election day across its web, social (Twitter and Facebook), and newsletter platforms (sign up for free).

“Whether it is through our own results reporting with the upcoming German Federal Elections on Sunday, September 26th or via a service such as The Canadian Press on Monday, September 20th, we look forward to building on our category leading domestic election results services with coverage of key international elections. We know our audience and clients expect us to deliver this kind of coverage and we will continue to provide it and grow it into the future.” - Drew McCoy, President of Decision Desk HQ.

About Decision Desk HQ

Founded on a commitment of accurate, fast, and first, Decision Desk HQ is a US and international election night results reporting and data science and editorial service.

In 2020, Decision Desk HQ was the first election race results and call service to declare Joe Biden the winner of the US Presidential Election and that Democrats had won a majority of seats in the US House and Senate. Of the 16 key races in November of 2020, Decision Desk HQ called 14 of them first.

In 2021, Decision Desk HQ has been first to call 16 of the most important 18 races first.

Decision Desk HQ provides a wide variety of election night results and election data to media outlets, political organizations, and academics.

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