Senate Committee Vote-A-Rama 2: Electric Boogaloo (Jeff Sessions and Scott Pruitt)

After a wild string of committee meetings and votes yesterday, including two nominations boycotted and a vote challenged, today may seem relatively calm with only three major votes on the schedule. But all three nominees up for today: Congressman Mick Mulvaney, Senator Jeff Sessions, and Scott Pruitt- are probably facing party-line votes. The vote on Senator Sessions carries over from yesterday and is expected within about thirty minutes of the start time.

Just like yesterday, we are watching all of them and reporting the committee votes and the specific yeas and nays.

Refresh this page frequently this morning for the latest updates.


STEVE MNUCHIN (TREASURY)- See “mini-nuke” below, Republicans met w/o Democrats, voted 14-0 to recommend

TOM PRICE (HHS)- “Mini-nuke” again, 14-0 recommend

JEFF SESSIONS (AG)- 11-9 recommended, all Rs yea, all Ds nay

SCOTT PRUITT (EPA)- vote delayed, Democratic boycott

MICK MULVANEY (OMB)- vote delayed, likely tomorrow

FINANCE COMMITTEE-Hatch reconvened this morning, rule changes made, Republican members present voted to confirm both Mnuchin AND Price. Both nominations head to the floor. All Republican members showed up.


Finance Committee members have wrapped up after dropping a “mini-nuke”. At the hearing for DeVos yesterday, Democratic members objected to Senator Hatch’s vote by proxy. Between the no-show yesterday and that, Hatch apparently had it. The Senator to reporters just now: “if they had an argument they should have showed up yesterday.” He insisted that all members were notified of today’s meeting but none of the Democrats showed up.


On Recommending Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

10:30 AM- The Senate Judiciary committee, after a one week delay and an additional one yesterday, is expected to vote on recommending Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Senator Sessions faces considerable partisan resistance, though unlike Betsy Devos, has already received the support of at least one Democratic colleague, Senator Joe Manchin. Expect a party-line vote in committee.

Updates: Whitehouse begins his 20 minutes. With others speaking after, vote for Sessions looks like 11am-1115am.


Now Senator Franken, who, after being interrupted, is now bringing up the electoral fraud claims by President Trump and Senator Sessions. He has a few pages left in his statement.

Vote is 11-9, confirmed. Loud protester on feed just woke up my kid. Ted Cruz now talking with her. Vote over.

YEAS 11 all Rs

NAYS 9 all Ds

Did Not Vote

On Recommending Scott Pruitt for administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

10:45AM -The Environment and Public Works committee is expected to vote on recommending Scott Pruitt as Environmental Protection Agency administrator. Mr. Pruitt has received some of the strongest pushback from Senate Democrats, and may be confirmed on a party-line vote.

Updates: Chariman Senator Barrasso opens, Republicans are commenting on the absence of Democratic members.


Senator Capito in particular singles out Senator Sanders, complete with giant poster that apparently grew arms and legs.

Jumping back and forth between committees, Ernst up. Back to this one again, Senator Sullivan calling Democratic no-show a “temper tantrum”. Chairman Barrasso confirms there will be no vote due to thee Democratic boycott.



Did Not Vote

On recommending Mick Mulvaney for director of the Office of Management and Budget (Part 1)

9:40AM- Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is expected to vote on recommending Rep. Mick Mulvaney for director of the Office of Management and Budget. He will also need the recommendation from the Budget Committee.

Updates: DELAYED- Ranking member Claire McCaskill has “questions” outstanding. Vote will probably be tomorrow (Budget Committee votes on Mulvaney tomorrow as well)



Did Not Vote