How Every Senator Facing Re-Election has Voted on President Trump’s Cabinet

Last night, the Senate voted to confirm Wilbur Ross for Secretary of Commerce by a 72-27 vote and to end debate on Ryan Zinke’s nomination for Secretary of the Interior 67-31. We have been tracking every Cabinet vote of the Senators facing re-election next year. As you can see, only nine Republicans and twenty-five Democrats are fighting to keep their seats in November 2018. Click to embiggen.

Senator Joe Manchin has voted against only four nominees, while Heidi Heitkamp has voted against only five. Both face potentially tough fights in states that voted overwhelmingly for the President. While the frequency of nay votes tends to go up the more a state voted for Clinton, one interesting exception is California and Diane Feinstein. The senior Senator from the Golden State faces an electorate that voted for Hillary Clinton by a thirty point margin, but she has only opposed seven of the President’s picks so far.