Updates on the Special Election in Georgia’s 6th District

Early this morning, the Senate voted 52-47 to confirm Representative Tom Price as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. His district, Georgia’s 6th, garnered a lot of attention from Democrats because of President Trump’s poor performance here, winning the district by just 1.4%:


However, while that tidbit is interesting, the district voted for Republican Senator Johnny Isakson by over 20%:


and for Representative Price by over 23% in the exact same cycle:


Democrats will try to capitalize on President Trump’s current polling numbers and have a slew of candidates: former State Senator Ron Slotin, and former State Representative Sally Harrell, and Jon Ossoff, a former Congressional staffer who has already received the endorsement of DailyKosElections founder David Nir and over a half million dollars through ActBlue,

Republicans expect to retain, and have a slew of candidates of their own to pick from: Georgia State Senator Judson Hill, Johns Creek council member Bob Gray, and businessmen Sm Abu Zahed and Dr. Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan. Joining all of them soon, based on FEC filings, will be former Secretary of State and 2014 Senate candidate Karen Handel.

Governor Nathan Deal has yet to set the date for the contest, but we are anticipating June or July.