Unusual Special Election Today in Philadelphia

Voters in North Philadelphia today finally get to fill their vacant State House seat, HD197, but the ballot will be most unusual for the area. The 197th district is overwhelmingly black and Democratic, but due to a snafu with their initial candidate selection, Democrats do not have a candidate officially on the ballot, nor does the Green Party. The sole candidate on the ballot is a Republican, Lucinda Little. When the Democrats’ initial candidate, Frederick Ramirez, was found not to live in the district, a local judge removed him from the ballot back in February. The very same judge ruled against the party earlier this month when a replacement candidate, Emilio Vasquez, missed the deadline to appear in replacement. Both Vasquez and the Green Party nominee Cheri Honkala have launched write-in campaigns. We will be providing results live tonight in what may prove a challenging hold for the Democratic Party: with multiple write in campaigns and only her own name on the ballot, Mrs. Little may get to represent a district that cast only 926 votes for Donald Trump. We will have results after 8pm tonight.