The Field is Now Set for the Kansas’ 4th District Special

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New CIA Director Mike Pompeo leaves a Congressional seat behind in Kansas, and all three major parties involved there have picked their nominees at conventions last week.

Republicans selected their nominee, Ron Estes, the state Treasurer, at their convention for the position on Thursday. The Democrats selected lawyer James Thompson, a civil rights lawyer and unapologetic progressive, on the second ballot of their convention Saturday. That same afternoon, Libertarians picked Chris Rockhold, a Wichita flight simulator instructor.

The special election will be held on April 11th, and the Republican is strongly favored, having voted for Pompeo by a thirty-one point margin last year. Mr. Estes won his last two statewide elections handily, dispatching Democrat Dennis McKinney, the incumbent, by seventeen points in 2010, and winning re-election by a thirty-five point margin in 2014. Not willing to just lie down and get steamrolled, Mr. Thompson is already attempting to tie President Trump and Governor Sam Brownback to Estes, in his efforts to “turn Kansas blue.”