The Crack in the Money Dam for the Wisconsin Superintendent Race?

The Wisconsin State Journal’s Molly Beck reported yesterday that Mike Grebe is hosting a fundraiser for State Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate John Humphries. Why is this little event so significant? Grebe is the former campaign chairman for Scott Walker, and has maintained close ties to the Governor. Humphries, in previous cycles or races, would have been a persona non grata because he had signed the recall petition against the Governor. Grebe’s willingness to throw his name and support behind Humphries could signal to donors otherwise skeptical to jump in.

A source of mine up in Madison relayed that if this snowballed enough, it could bring in bigger names and groups like Scott Jensen and the American Federation for Children 501c4. The AFC has been a strong advocate for school vouchers, and has spent a considerable amount on races in the state. If they decide to step in, current Superintendent Tony Evers would be in serious trouble. It is unlikely that what remains of the teachers unions and various progressive groups could possibly match the deluge of money that could flood the contest. As we have seen in recent years, when Wisconsin conservatives have been able to out-organize and advertise their progressive counterparts, red spreads.