The Ad Wars Begin in Georgia’s 6th District

With Tom Price’s vacancy, his seat, Georgia’s 6th Congressional, is being filled by a Special Election. Democrats, noting the district’s 1% margin for President Trump in 2016, are gunning hard to score a victory, and have begun to coalesce around Jon Ossoff, an activist and documentary filmmaker. Mr. Ossoff has raised $2 million so far in his attempt to become the first Democrat in almost forty years to represent the district, over a million of which has been raised by Daily Kos.

The Republican super PAC Congressional Leadership Fund has initiated a $1.1 million ad campaign in response to his support. Part of it begain yesterday with an ad that mocks the millennial Congressional hopeful as inexperienced, titled the Truth Strikes Back:

Not wanting to be defined by the Republican campaign, Mr. Ossoff responded with three ads of his own today.

The first ad touts up his national security experience:

The second, his willingness to attract jobs and fight waste:

And the third attacks President Trump’s demeanor:

Ossoff and Democrats are banking on a Trump backlash and aggressive campaigning to deliver them an upset win in a district that has voted Republican¬†easily in nearly every statewide contest in recent memory. Republicans will likely congeal around Karen Handel, but with almost a dozen candidates running with an “R”, it is very, very likely the two will face off in a runoff. The jungle primary is held on April 18th.