Special State Legislative Elections in Connecticut Today

Three state legislative seats (two in the State Senate, one in the State House) in partisan districts are set to be filled by today’s special elections in Connecticut. Barring a dramatic turn of events, the Democrat will win Senate District 2 and the Republican will win Senate District 32, and the funky power-share that has been in place since the Republicans tied the Democrats in Senate membership will continue on. That won’t stop any hype of tonight’s races of course, but it is important to keep in mind how lopsided each of these districts are.

Here is how each seat up today voted recently:

(State Leg Results from CTSOS, Presidential Results by District come courtesy Daily Kos Elections)

State Senate District 2 (vacated by Eric Coleman (D))

President 2016

Clinton 32,664

Trump 5,361

State Senate 2016

Coleman 29,319

Tillett (R) 5,888

D hold easy per reports

State Senate District 32 (vacated by Robert Kane (R))

This is the race most will be watching tonight.

President 2016

Clinton 20,464

Trump 30,321

State Senate 2016

Kane 33,090

Cava (D) 15,697

reported results so far for special-2017

Cava (D) 8143

Berthel (R) 9926


State House of Representatives District 115 (vacated by Stephen Dargan (D))

President 2016

Clinton 5,107

Trump 3,446

State House 2016

Dargan 5.273

Chadderton (R) 2,389

D hold easy per reports