Special Election Day in Connecticut 2: Electric Boogaloo

Today, State House seats vacated by the winners in the first round of special elections are filled via special election. The first, in house district 7 sprawling out from Hartford, is a left-lefter-leftist competition between Democratic candidate Rickey Pinckney Sr, Working Families candidate Joshua Malik Hall, and Green candidate Kenneth Green. They are vying to fill the seat vacated by Douglas McCrory, who win a State Senate race back in February.

The second fills a Republican vacancy in house district 68, which covers Watertown and part of Woodbury. Eric Berthel had represented the district until his election to the State Senate back in February. This district voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, and two candidates are vying to fill it: Republican Joe Polletta and Democrat Louis Esposito.

As the former won’t see any D-R/R-D change, we’ll be keeping our eye on the results out of the 68th district tonight starting at 8pm. We have contacts with local registrars and will provide numbers as soon as they are available.