Recap on Upcoming Special Elections

After an exciting jungle primary, Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel advance to a runoff in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District in June. But there are several contests and primaries across the country before that.

May 2nd- South Carolina

Mick Mulvaney’s confirmation as OMB Director triggered a special election in the Fifth Congressional District to replace him. Alexis Frank, Les Murphy, and Archie Parnell face off in the Democratic primary on May 2nd. The Republican primary, also on May 2nd, is far more crowded: Chad Connelly, Ray Craig, Sheri Few, Tom Mullikin, Ralph Norman, Tommy Pope, and Kris Wampler face off.

May 16th- South Carolina

In the event that no candidate clears 50% in the initial primary, which seems likely on the Republican side, a run-off will be held for the top two.

May 25th- Montana

With Ryan Zinke’s confirmation as Secretary of the Interior, a special election was called for replacing him in the at-large district here. The state political parties nominated their candidates at convention, so we go straight in to the general election with a decided field. Businessman and 2016 Republican Gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte tries his hand again at a statewide race and will face off against Montana musician and Democrat Rob Quist. While Georgia sucked a lot of the oxygen out of the room these last few weeks, I’ve mentioned this race a few times because of it’s potential to be close. While Democrats haven’t won a Congressional race here in decades, they have won other statewide races and have held the Governor’s mansion since January 2005. The last few House elections here haven’t been thirty-point Republican blowouts: now-Senator Steve Daines won the seat in 2012 by 10.6%, now-Interior Secretary Zinke won it by 15% and 15.6% in the 2014 and 2016 races respectively.

June 6th- California

Xavier Becerra’s appointment as California Attorney General by Governor Jerry Brown triggered a special that saw twenty-three candidates jump in for the top-two primary, nineteen of them Democrats. Considering the overwhelmingly blue shade of the district, it shouldn’t shock anyone that the candidates that advanced to the general election were both Democrats. Attorney Robert Lee Ahn faces off against the Party favorite, State Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez.

June 20th- South Carolina and Georgia

Whomever advances out of the (potentially) multiple rounds of primaries in South Carolina will face off on the same night we get the runoff in the Atlanta suburbs everyone is obsessing over. South Carolina and Georgia polls close at the same time, and we will likely get numbers out of the former way before we see even early tallies in the latter. It will be a long, fascinating night.

The Decision Desk HQ will be covering all of these contests, and many more as the year rolls on.