Race rating: Wisconsin DPI Race Likely Evers Tomorrow

After covering the primary in February, we have been keeping an eye on Wisconsin to see if any major developments would push the race into toss-up category. The incumbent, Tony Evers, seems so far to be coasting to a fairly uneventful election tomorrow. Spending on the race has been lopsided in his favor, and with progressives nationally activated to push back against Trump, we would have needed to see a major effort from conservative groups on behalf of his challenger, Lowell Holtz, to rate the race as anything but a likely win for Evers.

That hasn’t really materialized, so it seems like Evers will probably win re-election tomorrow. This would be the first statewide race won by a non-Republican or non-conservative in some time: Ron Johnson won re-election to the Senate President Trump won the Presidential vote,¬†and Walker-appointed State Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley won here too all last year. Evers is generally well-liked in the state, and Republicans didn’t really push a large, expensive effort against him.

We will be reporting returns on this race tomorrow at 9pm Eastern Time.