Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) Fuels Senate Run Speculation With New TV Ad

Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott is term limited out of office next year but speculation is rising that he will mount a challenge to incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson.

Scott’s political action committee released an ad today that will start to run next week in which the governor hits “politicians in Tallahassee” over state tourism promotion funding.

Nelson is a three term incumbent who hasn’t faced a close contest since he was first elected in 2000.

Scott on the other hand has won both his gubernatorial bids by less than 2% each time and was written off as dead by most before squeaking out his victory in 2014.

Should Scott make the run he will have¬†advantages other would-be challengers lack…name recognition and money. Scott was a wildly successful healthcare executive before entering politics and is not shy about spending his fortune on his campaigns.

Rick Scott pumped $73 million of his fortune into his 2010 campaign and nearly $13 million four years later.