DDHQ Election Coverage Tonight

Special Congressional Election (primary)- California’s 34th

Today begins a two month string of special Congressional elections with California’s 34th district. Vacated by newly-minted State Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the special election to fill the seat boasts twenty-three candidates, nineteen of them Democrats. The district is heavily Democratic and has been on the lower end of turnout of state Congressional districts, but it does at least appear higher now than it was during the municipal primaries last month. Polls close at 11pm Eastern (8pm for those of you out here in the far better Pacific time zone), and we will have returns live shortly thereafter.

Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction

After a rather lopsided spring primary that saw the incumbent Tony Evers easily earn two-thirds of the vote, Mr. Evers is a low-turnout general election today away from another four years. His opponent, Lowell Holtz, isn’t a terrible one, but got into it with John Humphries, another conservative-ish candidate, back in the primary, leading to the embarrassing reveal of an “I drop out I get a job from you” deal. Beyond that, while conservative activists have been known to dump serious cash in local contests, turning the Badger State bright red in midterms, no such deluge of money has come in against Evers. Polls close at 9pm Eastern, and we will have returns live for this contest as well.

Other Contests

A scattering of other contests nationwide caught our eye and we will be monitoring them throughout the night, including the Aurora Mayoral election and Las Vegas’ City Council Ward 6, a ten-way primary in which the infamous Michele Fiore stands a good chance of clinching a top spot.