Daily Update on MTAL Absentees

With the state reporting its absentee ballots mailed and returned, we’ll keep an eye out for anything interesting as we count down the¬†final days of the Montana Special Congressional campaign. As of last night, the state reported 175,507 of 348,562 mailed ballots have been returned. That tally is 78% of 2014’s total mailed absentees, and 52% of 2016’s. Over 71% of the vote in Montana is concentrated in 9 counties.¬†Here’s how their returns stack up:

County (2016 Presidential vote, Gubernatorial vote) % returned

Cascade (voted for Trump by 22%, Bullock by 10%) 49.8% of mail-ins returned

Flathead (voted for Trump by 36%, Gianforte by 15%) 45,5% of mail-ins returned

Gallatin (voted for Clinton by 1%, Bullock by 15%) 44.8% of mail-ins returned

Lake (voted for Trump by 21%, Bullock by 1%) 57% of mail-ins returned

Lewis & Clark (voted for Trump by 7%, Bullock by 23%) 55.6% of mail-ins returned

Missoula (voted for Clinton by 16%, Bullock by 34%) 45.44% of mail-ins returned

Ravalli (voted for Trump by 38% Gianforte by 14%) 61.3% of mail-ins returned

Silver Bow (voted for Clinton by 14%, Bullock by 44%) 51.1% of mail-ins returned

Yellowstone (voted for Trump by 27%, Gianforte by 1%) 53.9% of mail-ins returned