Daily Update on MTAL Absentees (May 19th)

With the state reporting its absentee ballots mailed and returned, we’ll keep an eye out for anything interesting as we count down the final days of the Montana Special Congressional campaign. As of last night, the state reported 217,329 of 351,681 mailed ballots have been returned. That tally is 97% of 2014’s total mailed absentees, and 64% of 2016’s. Over 71% of the vote in Montana is concentrated in 9 counties. Here’s how their returns stack up:

County (2016 Presidential vote, Gubernatorial vote) % returned

Cascade (voted for Trump by 22%, Bullock by 10%) 60.7% of mail-ins returned

Flathead (voted for Trump by 36%, Gianforte by 15%) 62.4% of mail-ins returned

Gallatin (voted for Clinton by 1%, Bullock by 15%) 56.8% of mail-ins returned

Lake (voted for Trump by 21%, Bullock by 1%) 67.3% of mail-ins returned

Lewis & Clark (voted for Trump by 7%, Bullock by 23%) 63.8% of mail-ins returned

Missoula (voted for Clinton by 16%, Bullock by 34%) 55.6% of mail-ins returned

Ravalli (voted for Trump by 38% Gianforte by 14%) 69% of mail-ins returned

Silver Bow (voted for Clinton by 14%, Bullock by 44%) 63% of mail-ins returned

Yellowstone (voted for Trump by 27%, Gianforte by 1%) 63.4% of mail-ins returned

By Monday, we’ll likely see the returns eclipse 2014’s, and we’ll probably see more ballots total on Thursday than in the last midterm election.