A Special Congressional Election in Pennsylvania Now Likely

CBS News is reporting that Pennsylvania Congressman Tom Marino has been tapped to become the new drug czar under President Trump. Marino’s 10th district is very Republican (though, as we may see tonight in Kansas, that may not mean the race is going to be a snoozer), having voted for President Trump by a thirty-six point margin per DailyKosElections. The district shifted towards Trump by double-digits over Romney, and covers part of Lackawanna, Lycoming, Perry, Wayne, and Pike counties, much of the northeast outside of Scranton. It has been redrawn a bit over the years, but the bulk of it saw one of the largest swings ever back in 2006: after re-electing Republican Don Sherwood by a seventy-two point margin in 2004, Democrat Chris Carney unseated him by six. Carney won re-election in 2008 and was booted by Marino in 2010. Congressman Marino will need to be confirmed by the Senate before Governor Tom Wolf would set up a special election.