A Full List of Every Poll Taken (so far) in GA06

Since there is so much interest in the April 18th jungle primary in Georgia to fill former Rep. Tom Price’s suburban Atlanta seat, we’ve compiled every single poll so far conducted and publicly released. RedRacingHorses will release its poll results Monday or Tuesday, piling onto Lake and Survey USA‘s releases this week.

Jon Ossoff has clearly consolidated the Democratic vote, which was a must if he had a chance at getting over 50% in the first round. He has been hanging around in the low 40% range for three weeks now, with the top Republicans representing between 40% and 47% of the vote in the same period. Lake contrasted with Survey in finding a higher share of undecided voters.

We are also monitoring the early vote as it rolls in. Democrats have outpaced Republicans in returns (as measured by voters’ last primary participation, we must warn), but Tuesday was the most Republican day of early voting so far. If Democrats were excited and turned out early, but Republicans begin showing up and eating into that edge, Ossoff’s odds at a first-round win drop. If Democrats maintain their edge in early overall, he’ll remain close to knocking on that door.