2017 Races: Los Angles Mayor

Current Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has to be feeling pretty good about his upcoming re-election. Steve Barr, founder of the Green Dot Schools, had planned to bludgeon him on the issue of education, but decided to drop out last month. The remaining opponents include a mishmash of perennial local candidates, so the Mayor is looking good to clear over 50% of the vote in the March 7th primary. Any city primary race won with a simple majority is decided then and there with no general election. Mr. Garcetti may have faced a tough fight getting into office, but staying there seems a certainty, at least this time.

Here is the final list of qualified candidates who will appear on the ballot, per the County of Los Angeles’ Registrar-Recorder:

Eric Garcetti (inc)

David Hernandez

Diane “Pinky” Harman

David “Zuma Dogg” Saltsburg

Mitchell Jack Schwartz

YJ J. Draiman

Yuval Kremer

Paul E. Amori

Dennis Richter

Frantz Pierre

Eric Preven