Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction

Candidate Percent Votes
Alexis Frank (Democratic) 0.0%0
Les Murphy (Democratic) 0.0%0
Archie Parnell (Democratic) 0.0%0
0 Total Votes
Update: 4/4/2017 10:11PM

Evers downright crushed Holtz, currently holding 287,499 votes to Holtz 127,677 with 51% in

Update: 4/4/2017 9:30PM

Waukesha is nearly all in, and barely voted for Holtz. He will be lucky to carry a dozen counties tonight.
Note- appears to be error on our precinct % display here on the page. It should read over 15% now.

Update: 4/4/2017 9:19PM

We have called the race for the incumbent, Tony Evers: he is barely behind in Waukesha and Ozaukee, up 75/25 in Rock, 2/1 in Racine. He has easily earned another term.

Update: 4/4/2017 9:09PM

Initial results rolling in from across Wisconsin. Evers looks like he has a comfortable edge in the counties I've scrolled through, this will likely be a quick night.

Update: 4/4/2017 12:41PM

Vote results are expected to begin shortly after 9:10pm EST

Race Preview

Today’s spring general election in Wisconsin features only one statewide election: Superintendent of Public Instruction. Incumbent Tony Evers has the backing of progressives and teachers unions, and frankly, won a considerable share of the primary vote, so he’s relatively well liked in the state. Mr. Evers opponent is conservative Lowell Holtz, who will likely do best in the suburbs around Milwaukee. At the start of the year, it appeared that conservative activists were watching Evers as a potential target, but they have not unloaded on him as they have in other state-level contests in recent years. Polls close at 9pm. In the unlikely event Holtz actually wins, the first areas that will show such an upset will be places like Brown, Outagamie, Marathon, and Winnebago Counties.