Special Congressional Primary – California-34

Candidate Percent Votes
Tommy Pope (Republican) 30.5%11,866
Ralph Norman (Republican) 30.2%11,754
Tom Mullikin (Republican) 19.5%7,578
Chad Connelly (Republican) 14.2%5,505
Sheri Few (Republican) 4.9%1,908
Kris Wampler (Republican) 0.5%202
Ray Craig (Republican) 0.2%90
38,903 Total Votes
Update: 4/5/2017 8:34AM

Los Angeles County has all precincts reporting, and will begin to count the remaining absentees and provisional ballots over the coming week. Gomez and Ahn will face off against each other on June 6th.

Update: 4/4/2017 11:59PM

With 58% of the precincts reporting in California's 34th Congressional district special election, Jimmy Gomez (D) and Robert Lee Ahn (D) have maintained their lead in the top two out of twenty, with 27.6% and 22.1% of the vote respectively, the next closest candidate receiving less than 10% of the vote.

Update: 4/4/2017 11:25PM

With 100% of the vote in for the Las Vegas municipal elections, Michele Fiore, with 46.08% of the vote, will face Kelli Ross, with 30.77% of the vote in the June run-off election for Ward 6.

In Ward 2, incumbent Bob Beers, with 42.65% of the vote, will face Steve Seroka, with 28.55% of the vote in the June run-off election for Ward 2. Ominously for Beers, Seroka's and 3rd place finisher Christina Roush's combined total is well over 50%.

In Ward 4, incumbent Stavros Anthony was easily re-elected qith with 73.79% of the vote.

Elsewhere in Clark County, Nevada, incumbent Mayor of North Las Vegas, John Lee, was easily re-elected with over 80% of the vote, while Debra March received over 55% of the vote in her race for mayor of Henderson.

Update: 4/4/2017 8:26PM

With just over 1% of the precincts in, Robert Lee Ahn (D) and Jimmy Gomez (D) are neck and neck at 27.9% and 26.2% of the vote each. William "Rodriguez" Morrison (R) is a distant third with only 5.5% of the vote.

Update: 4/4/2017 7:28PM

Las Vegas

Michele Fiore, former Assembly member and candidate for NV03 in 2016 is ahead with 47% of the vote to 31% for Kellie Ross, the wife of the termed out incumbent, based on the early vote, which likely comprises the vast majority of the overall vote. Fiore is best known for being a strong supporter of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy during a standoff with Federal agents

If no one get above 50%, there will be run-off in June

Also from the Las Vegas city council, Stavros Anthony is cruising for an outright win tonight with 74% of the vote so far.

In Ward 2, incumbent Bob Beers has only 42% against two major opponents: Christina Roush with 26% and Steve Seroka with 28%.

The main campaign issue in Ward 2 is the potential development of a golf course, which is overlooked by many mansions in Queensridge, into housing. Beers, the incumbent, has opposed attempts to have the city intervene to stop it. Seroka and Roush to varying degrees are for it. Accusations of attempted bribery have been made.

Race Preview

Governor Jerry Brown selected Congressman Xavier Beccera to replace State Attorney General Kamala Harris earlier this year (Harris is now a U.S. Senator), and that set in motion a special election in Congressional District 34. The 34th is concentrated in downtown Los Angeles, is 65% Hispanic, and overwhelmingly Democratic. How Democratic? It voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump 84% to 11% last year, casting less than 20,000 votes for the President. As a result, nineteen Democrats have crowded into the race. Thanks to the open primary system, the top two candidates will advance to a general election on June 6th.

The biggest names to watch:

Jimmy Gomez, State Assemblyman for the 51st district, which overlaps much of the Congressional district. A Democrat, he’s already received a large number of endorsements from the state party establishment and unions, and will likely come in first place.

Maria Cabildo, also a Democrat, who received the Los Angeles Times’ endorsement.

Robert Lee Ahn, another Democrat, and the only Korean-American on the ballot. Mr. Ahn actually outraised Gomez, and could benefit from the smaller Korean-American community located within the district. While outnumbered demographically, their voter turnout is generally higher. If the Hispanic vote splinters enough, he could earn a runoff spot.

Sara Hernandez, another Democrat, who has some local establishment backing.

Alejandra Campoverdi, another Democrat, who has raised a respectable amount of money and was a White House aide during the Obama Administration.

William Morrison, the lone Republican, a perennial candidate who could actually get second place if the non-Gomez Democratic vote splinters badly.

Polls close at 11pm EDT today, and we will have results here as they roll in.