South Carolina 5th Congressional District Republican Primary

Candidate Percent Votes
Tommy Pope (Republican) 30.5%11,866
Ralph Norman (Republican) 30.2%11,754
Tom Mullikin (Republican) 19.5%7,578
Chad Connelly (Republican) 14.2%5,505
Sheri Few (Republican) 4.9%1,908
Kris Wampler (Republican) 0.5%202
Ray Craig (Republican) 0.2%90
38,903 Total Votes
Update: 5/2/2017 10:02PM

With nearly everything reporting, Norman/Pope will finish probably about a hundred votes or less apart from each other. Seven precincts left in York.
Runoff will be on May 16th.

Update: 5/2/2017 9:00PM

Tommy Pope- Ralph Norman for the runoff. Mullikin ran out in Sumter.

Update: 5/2/2017 8:50PM

With results in from the biggest "base" counties, time running out for Mullikin to overtake Norman.

Race Preview

The crowded Republican contest to replace Mick Mulvaney will likely head to a runoff election on May 16th. Out of seven contenders, we expect a combination of Ralph Norman, Tom Mullikin, Tommy Pope and/or Chad Connelly to advance to a runoff, but its a special election, so keep an eye out for a surprise from Kris Wampler, Sheri Few, or Ray Craig.

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