New Jersey Gubernatorial Primary (Democratic)

Candidate Percent Votes
Philip Murphy (Democratic) 48.2%239,189
Jim Johnson (Democratic) 22.0%109,017
John Wisniewski (Democratic) 21.7%107,608
Raymond Lesniak (Democratic) 4.8%23,979
William Brennan (Democratic) 2.2%11,100
Mark Zinna (Democratic) 1.0%5,123
Write In (Democratic) 0.1%463
496,479 Total Votes
Update: 6/6/2017 8:42PM

Well, that was fast. We're calling the race for Murphy, who is leading in every county.

Update: 6/6/2017 8:15PM

Our first results, from Gloucester County, not surprisingly, have Murphy crushing it.

Update: 6/6/2017 8:01PM

Polls have now closed in New Jersey.

Race Preview

Unlike the Virginia Gubernatorial primary a week from today, the Democratic race in the Garden State has been effectively over for a long time: Phil Murphy has been the clear front runner and has spent eight figures so far on his run, crushing everyone else in air time and spending. There was some early expectation of a contest from John Wisniewski, who chaired Bernie Sanders’ campaign here last year. But Sanders never endorsed in this contest, and Murphy has vacuumed up nearly every necessary endorsement for a comfortable win today. Polls close at 8pm EDT.

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