Georgia Sixth Congressional District Special

Candidate Percent Votes
Karen Handel (Republican) 51.9%134,595
Jon Ossoff (Democratic) 48.1%124,893
259,488 Total Votes
Update: 6/20/2017 9:57PM

And we're calling this for Handel - not enough pro-Ossoff vote left for her to lose.

Update: 6/20/2017 9:40PM

By this point, we're waiting for DeKalb County and mail-ins, but Handel is up by >6%.

Update: 6/20/2017 9:13PM

And Handel's lead is up to almost 10K votes.

Update: 6/20/2017 9:05PM

With Cobb trickling in, Handel's lead is up to almost 3%.

Update: 6/20/2017 8:03PM

Ossoff is improving around John's Creek, a city in northeastern Fulton County which exactly mirrored his overall share last time.

Update: 6/20/2017 7:39PM

With our first results from Fulton County, Handel leads 51.4% to 48.6%.

Fulton overall, should be slightly to the right of the district, so this is consistent with a very close race.

Update: 6/20/2017 7:33PM

With our first *nine votes* in, Handel leads with 67%.

Update: 6/20/2017 7:00PM

And polls are closed!

Race Preview

Two months after the clown car of a primary which saw Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff hit 48%, Republican Karen Handel challenges him in an attempt to keep the district red. The Sixth was identified early on by Daily Kos Elections as a potentially interesting seat: it had voted for Tom Price (now HHS Secretary) by twenty-three points…but Donald Trump by only one. Spending has been insane, the GOTV has been manic, and the ads are now downright insufferable. It’s all over at 7pm tonight.

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