California 34th Congressional District Special Election

Candidate Percent Votes
Jimmy Gomez (Democratic) 60.9%25,269
Robert Lee Ahn (Democratic) 39.1%16,225
41,494 Total Votes
Update: 6/7/2017 1:59AM

With all precincts reporting, Gomez finishes (before the rest of the mail-ins are counted) with a twenty point win. Turnout worse than the first round, it seems.

Update: 6/7/2017 1:25AM

Jimmy Gomez wins easily after an early smidgen of hope for Ahn.

Race Preview

When Congressman Xavier Becerra was tapped to be the new California Attorney General by Governor Jerry Brown, a flood of over twenty candidates scrambled and campaigned for the mother of all jungle primaries. The district, located in downtown Los Angeles, is heavily Democratic and Latino, and it was no surprise when its state assemblyman, Jimmy Gomez, landed a spot, earning 25% of the vote. What was slightly surprising was the performance of attorney Robert Lee Ahn, who actually outspent Gomez, campaigned hard in the Korean-American community, and earned 22% to be Gomez’ general election challenger. Both Democrats, they have different strategies to win. Gomez already represents the area, already gobbled up most of the state party endorsements, and benefits from the demographics…until turnout comes into play. The district has notoriously low turnout, and the first round saw fewer than 15% of registered voters participating. Ahn has to cobble together a large coalition if he is to pull the upset tonight, and part of that involved driving turnout rates sky high in Koreatown. So far, turnout in the early vote gives him hope: Latinos make up almost 50% of registered voters, but have cast barely a quarter of the ballots, while the Korean vote makes up 6% of registered voters but over a quarter of total ballots.
Polls close at 11pm EDT, 8pm local.