Senator Claire McCaskill Raises $3 Million in Q2 2017

McCaskill’s campaign said Monday she had raised about $3 million throughout the last three months, from April through June. That’s more than any other Senate candidate in Missouri has raised at this point in the election cycle, and McCaskill closed the third quarter with more than $5 million in the bank, her campaign said.

Source: USA Today

Senator McCaskill got the candidate she wanted in 2012, a cycle that was supposed to end her Senatorial career. As we race towards 2018, one big name Republican challenger,  Congresswoman Ann Wagner, is already out, and not under the best circumstances, per National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar. Republican insiders and leaders are pushing for the state Attorney General, Josh Hawley, to mount the challenge, but he has yet to affirmatively announce. The Congressional delegation is overwhelmingly Republican, so if Hawley passes, we could see Rep. Vicki Hartzler or Billy Long jump in. Regardless who she faces, McCaskill is fundraising like mad in preparation for an uphill fight to keep her seat: Missouri gave Donald Trump an eighteen point victory over Hillary Clinton last year, double Mitt Romney’s margin over President Obama in 2012.

Previous Election Results for Claire McCaskill:

2012 U.S. Senate- defeated Todd Akin, 54.8% to 39.1%

2006 U.S. Senate- defeated incumbent Senator, 49.6% to 47.3%

2004 MO Gubernatorial- lost to Matt Blunt, 47.9% to 50.8%