Schedule of Full Senate and Committee Votes on Cabinet Nominees, Updated

Today, January 30th

CLOTURE VOTE 5:30pm- Senate cloture vote on Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. We will have live coverage of this vote later today. Cloture requires a simple majority vote.

COMMITTEE VOTE 6:00pm- Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to vote on recommending Steve Mnunchin for Secretary of the Treasury. Mr. Mnunchin has faced opposition from Democrats but will likely receive the recommendation by at least a party-line vote.

Tuesday, January 31st

COMMITTEE VOTE 9:30 AM- The Senate Judiciary committee, after a one week delay, is expected to vote on recommending Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Senator Sessions faces considerable partisan resistance, though unlike Betsy Devos, has already received the support of at least one Democratic colleague, Senator Joe Manchin. Expect close to a party-line vote in committee.

COMMITTEE VOTES 9:30 AM- The Energy and Natural Resources Committee is now scheduled to vote on two Cabinet nominees, Representative Ryan Zinke as Secretary of the Interior and former Governor Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy. Both of these had been put on “indefinite hold” last week, but as a result of a temporary miscommunication between Committee Chair Senator Lisa Murkowski and Ranking Member Maria Cantwell. That has apparently been resolved. Rep. Zinke and Mr. Perry will likely see some Democratic opposition, but we expect less of a party-line vote than with Rep. Price or Sen. Sessions.

COMMITTEE VOTE 10:00 AM- The Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to vote on recommending Representative Tom Price for Secretary of Health and Human Services. As Republicans, including Rep. Price, are determined to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, a signature work of the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration, expect a party-line vote in committee.

COMMITTEE VOTE 10:00 AM- The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Commitee is scheduled to vote on recommending Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. Mrs. Devos’ committee vote has already been delayed once before, and Democrats have been loud and unified in their opposition to her as the nominee: as of 1/30, no Senate Democrat has declared a “yea” vote for her. She is expected to be recommended by a party-line vote in committee.

FINAL VOTE 12:00 PM- The full Senate votes on the nomination of Elaine Chao as Secretary of Transportation. Mrs. Chao, the wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, had previously served as the Secretary of Labor under President George W. Bush, and is expected to receive an overwhelming yes vote. She was approved by voice vote in committee last week.

Wednesday, February 1st

FINAL VOTE time undetermined– The full Senate, at close of debate window, is expected to vote on confirming Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, assuming cloture is invoked today.

COMMITTEE VOTE 10:45AM -The Environment and Public Works committee is expected to vote on recommending Scott Pruitt as Environmental Protection Agency administrator. Mr. Pruitt has received some of the strongest pushback from Senate Democrats, and may be confirmed on a party-line vote.

Odds and Ends

Dr. Ben Carson was recommended by committee and is awaiting a floor vote.

Mr. Wilbur Ross was also recommended by his committee and is awaiting a floor vote.