Republican Congressional Campaign Arm Getting Involved In GA-06 Special Election

Mounting worries have led the GOP’s House campaign arm to set up its independent expenditure operation with a “battle plan” to get involved “in short order,” National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Stivers told POLITICO.

“Special elections are special, and the Democrats and some Independents are excited, so we need to make sure Republicans are just as excited about voting. I feel confident that we’ll get there,” Stivers said, noting that the party’s involvement is designed to motivate turnout, not back one of the nearly dozen GOP candidates seeking the seat. “But we know that Ossoff is real.”


The April 20th election is an all party primary with the top two moving on to the general election unless the leading candidate breaks the 50% mark. If Ossoff doesn’t manage to win outright on primary night, Republicans will be favored to hold the seat which became vacant when Tom Price resigned to become Health and Human Services Secratery.

In addition to the energy on the Democratic side, Republican support is splintered among several candidates representing the larger fissures within the party playing out in Washington. Getting to the general election and having the GOP rally around the leading Republican vote getter is the national committee’s main interest in getting involved in this race at this point.