Presidential Polling Shows Little Change From Election Results

The empirical data, as well as those from focus groups on the ground reporting, suggests that voters in these Trump counties are willing to give the President a pretty long leash. Unlike the breathless commentators on cable TV, most of these folks have more to worry about than the latest twist and turn in a Washington, DC drama. They aren’t setting an arbitrary “100 days” deadline for Trump to accomplish his goals. Of course, we don’t know how deep their patience runs. For now, however, they aren’t showing signs of “buyers remorse.”

Source: Cook Political Report

Donald Trump was a unique figure in American politics as a candidate and now as President. The coalition he rode to the White House and victory in spite of historic low approval ratings upset decades long dogma.

Analysts kept waiting for the laws of political reality (as they understood them) to kick in but they never did. That’s not to say that they won’t eventually as governing and running as an incumbent with a record are very different things. But so far there’s little evidence voters are judging him the way pundits are.