Norman, Parnell Raise Most in SC05

Republican Ralph Norman...has raised $285,360 and took out a personal loan for $305,000, bringing his total receipts to $590,360. In a news release Friday, Norman said the donations illustrated the type of candidate that 5th District voters wanted. Democratic candidate Archie Parnell reported $243,032 in contributions without a loan.

Source: WRHI

In a crowded Republican field of seven candidates, State Rep. Norman’s money advantage could prove instrumental, especially with a possible run-off race draining coffers quickly. This race has mostly flown under the radar (besides Sheri Few’s notorious commercial) as Democrats threw the kitchen sink at Georgia’s 6th district, but the district hasn’t always been as red as their relative disinterest may imply. Former Democratic Congressman John Spratt, who represented this district from 1983 until his defeat by Mick Mulvaney in the 2010 election, has endorsed Archie Parnell, the current Democratic front runner. Parnell faces two other opponents but won’t likely face a runoff.

The first round of primaries are next Tuesday, May 2nd, with a runoff (if necessary) on May 16th.