New SC05 Poll Has Parnell (D) Trailing Norman (R) by Ten

A poll from Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, completed on May 25 and obtained by The Post, has Democrat Archie Parnell down by 10 points to Ralph Norman, a state legislator making his second run at the rural and suburban seat. That’s a six-point bump for Parnell since March, when he began running TV ads, and it’s closer than the margin in Mulvaney’s last few races or the last presidential elections in South Carolina’s 5th District.

Source: The Washington Post

Another week, another special election, and another poll, this time an internal shared by the Democratic campaign. While it is true the district, SC-05, voted for Democrats in every Congressional election from Reconstruction until 2010, it has become reliably Republican, re-electing Mick Mulvaney by comfortable margins.

Still, in an off year special, and with Democrats more engaged, even safer districts could become closer, as we saw in Kansas and Montana. Closer doesn’t mean flipped: Greg Gianforte beat Rob Quist despite said engagement and a misdemeanor assault on a reporter. Ron Estes beat James Thompson despite losing Sedgwick County. So long as Georgia appears to be the tighter contest, Parnell will need to rely on committed grassroots support for any chance of an upset on June 20th.