Mo Brooks Joins the ALSen Clown Car

Brooks will be hosting press conferences today throughout the state.

“I am running for the United States Senate because America’s status as the greatest nation in world history is at risk, because Congress is failing the American people by not rising to the challenges America faces, and because I am the only candidate for the Senate who has a record of proven conservative leadership,” Brooks said in a press statement.

Source: WHNT

With the deadline to enter the Senatorial primary just two days away, Congressman Mo Brooks steps into an already crowded Republican field, and the Senate Leadership Fund has already gone on the attack against him. The PAC is backing current incumbent Senator Luther Strange, who was appointed by former Governor Robert Bentley just before he was forced to resign from a corruption investigation. Joining Strange and Brooks are:

Suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore, running along the social conservative line

Randy Brinson, president of the Alabama Christian Coalition, also running along the social conservative line

Ed Henry, state representative who initiated impeachment proceedings against former Governor Bentley

Dom Gentile, a businessman and self-described political outsider

If you’re a fan of outsider-versus-insider battles, corruption allegations, “truuuue conservative” arguments, embattled incumbents, and Alabama, well congratulations: we have an election for you.