Gubernatorial Maneuvering Part Two: Labrador In

Labrador filed the paperwork in the Secretary of State’s office at mid-morning and issued a statement shortly thereafter.

“Running for governor of the great state of Idaho takes serious preparation. To comply with both the spirit and the letter of the law, I have filed the appropriate campaign finance form required to register as a candidate for Governor,” he said. “Idaho needs a proven conservative leader who will stand against the special interests and politicians that have picked the winners and losers in our state Capitol for too long. Idaho needs a strong leader who will make government fair for everyone. Idaho needs a governor who will provide a new vision, a new approach and new leadership.”

Source: Idaho Statesman

Congressman Raul Labrador has apparently decided to join the race to succeed Butch Otter, who is term-limited, and directly challenge the current Governor’s preferred successor, Lt. Gov. Brad Little. Labrador is one of the founding members of the House Freedom Caucus, and has represented ID-01 since January 2011. Labrador defeated one-term incumbent Democrat Walt Minnick, and the district’s overwhelmingly Republican nature leaves it, for now, out of the Democrats’ reach.