Final Opinion Savvy Poll of GA06 Finds Ossoff at 41.5% Handel 21.2%

In our final poll of the GA6 jungle primary-style special election, some slight movement indicates that Ossoff’s well-funded machine is gradually increasing his support, while Handel has maintained her status as the leading Republican.
Ossoff 41.5%
Handel 21.2%
Hill 11.3%
Gray 10.6%
Moody 9.4%
Others 2.8%
Undecided 3.2%

Source: Opinion Savvy

After RRH released yesterday, we thought it would be the last survey we’d get until at least Monday on the state of things in the Sixth Congressional contest. That is until Opinion Savvy teased out a drop yesterday, and with it, here’s a recap of all publicly released polls conducted in the district: