Congresswoman Ann Wagner Boasts Massive Cash Advantage in Missouri

In the meantime, Wagner’s cash advantage looms large. The third-term Ballwin Republican has more than $2.1 million on hand — more than five other St. Louis-area lawmakers combined. She boasts the 16th-largest campaign account in the 435-member House...

Wagner, a former chairwoman of the Missouri Republican Party, has been mentioned as a potential 2018 opponent for McCaskill.

McCaskill is already casting herself as the underdog in a state that President Donald Trump won by a wide margin. The Democrat ended the year with about $782,000. (By comparison, Sen. Roy Blunt had more than $2.2 million in the bank this time two years ago, when he was preparing for his own reelection.)

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

It’s no secret that St. Louis Congresswoman Ann Wagner is looking to run against incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill. In 2012, the Missouri Senator manipulated the Republican primary- bragging about it here– and enjoyed a terrible opponent in a cycle that had her marked for defeat at its start. You don’t really get the opportunity to play out that scheme twice, so her best hope at this point is an organic crank defeating Rep. Wagner in a primary, or Wagner taking a pass like Duffy, Meehan, Zinke, and others have done so far this cycle.