Califoria’s Congressional District 34 Special Tomorrow, Turnout Up From Last Month’s Municipal Primary

Updated #CA34 returns show a continued bit higher rate of returns than in LA races, but not a ton more.

Source: Political Data

Political Data, which tracks its namesake in California elections, has kept a beautiful interactive running on returned ballots for tomorrow’s primary election in downtown Los Angeles. An open contest to fill California’s 34th Congressional district has attracted twenty three candidates, nineteen of them Democrats, and with the top-two primary system, it is highly likely two Democrats will advance to the general election.

Local, state, and even some national Democrats have been monitoring the race to see if the Trump Presidency can be used as a motivator to drive up turnout, even in districts that have lower participation rates. Compared to last month’s anemic Los Angeles County Municipal Primary turnout, participation seems to be up a tick this time, though final participation could be hard to peg until weeks after the election.

Why is this? Los Angeles County reports its early and mail-in ballots first, usually within an hour after polls close. Election day votes will then roll in over a period of 6-8 hours, and the remaining absentees and provisional ballots will be counted at scheduled, announced intervals.

Turnout is up slightly, but indicates a rather small showing still for tomorrow’s race. Part of this is due to a lack of real competition: the 34th is very, very, very Democratic and will be an easy hold for the Party. The sheer size of the field is what is likely lifting turnout slightly over last month’s mayoral.