Ann Wagner Planning a Run Against Claire McCaskill?

In Mis­souri, Rep. Ann Wag­n­er is plan­ning to enter the Sen­ate race in Ju­ly, ac­cord­ing to two sources fa­mil­i­ar with her plans, and has seen private polling show­ing her already lead­ing Sen. Claire Mc­Caskill. Of­fi­cials from both parties agree that Mc­Caskill is the most vul­ner­able Demo­crat up for re-elec­tion.

Source: National Journal

The second worst-kept secret of the 2018 cycle, right behind Scott Walker’s obvious intentions to run again, is Wagner’s Senatorial ambitions. Josh Kraushaar reports the run is a go with a Summer announcement. Wagner has amassed a considerable war chest of nearly $2.7 million for this rather obvious gambit, and incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill has been fundraising like mad this year as Democrats have reacted strongly to President Donald Trump, sporting over $2.8 million cash on hand. We at the Desk have McCaskill as the most vulnerable Democratic incumbent up next year, mainly for reasons Kraushaar explores in that article: GOP Senatorial recruitment has been terribly uneven, while on the House side Democrats are amped up everywhere.