A Possible Special Election in UT03?

BREAKING NEWS: @jasoninthehouse tells KSL's @DougWrightShow he might not finish his Congressional term.

Source: KSL News Radio

A bit unusual for us to run a quick hit with just a tweet, but the developments in Utah keep coming. Representative Jason Chaffetz declared yesterday he won’t run for re-election. Now, he may not even finish out his term. Rumors abound as to why such a sudden decision would be made, but for us here at the Desk, we’re focusing on covering as many races that pop up as possible. Per Utah state law, in the event of a Congressional vacancy, the Governor will call a special election. Depending on the timing of a decision by Chaffetz, we could be adding such a race to our coverage for 2017.

The district voted for Chaffetz 73.5% to 26.5%, and for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton 47% to 23%. It has not elected a Democrat in over twenty years. Democratic candidate for 2018 Katheryn Allen had made headlines earlier this week by out-raising Chaffetz, collecting over $500,000 in her first month. We assume she will run if Chaffetz decides to retire early and a special is called.