25-Year-Old Stanford Grad Becomes First Democrat to Enter the 2018 Wisconsin Gubernatorial Election

Bob Harlow recently graduated from Stanford University and now, he's traveling the state, raising money and spreading the word about why he wants Wisconsin's top job.

"The motivation for me is, I want to see a strong and economic future for the state of Wisconsin," said Harlow. "I see our state going in a different direction. I see factories closing in communities all across our state. I see jobs leaving our communities. I see our kids leaving the state of Wisconsin because they can't find opportunities in our state. And there's a different way."

Source: WQOW

Mr. Harlow is the first Democrat to officially throw their hat in the ring, and will face an uphill fight: at only 25, and after a failed run for Congress out here in California, Democrats are likely holding out for a Wisconsinite, preferably one currently holding office. An alternative would be businessman Andy Gronik, who recently announced he’s exploring the idea. Democrats have a very thin bench after years of losses in state and federal legislative races, and many big names, like Ron Kind, have already removed themselves as options. So for the moment, it’s Mr. Harlow.