Visualizing Virginia’s Primary Results

After a very interesting primary night in Virginia, are some maps!

On the Democratic side, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam beat ex-Rep. Tom Perriello by a more comfortable-than expected 12%:

Meanwhile for Republicans, Ed Gillespie had a very close call in what should have been a clear win:


In the Democratic Lieutenant Governor’s race, Fairfax beat Susan Platt by a clear 10%:

The Republicans had a closer race, but State Sen. Jill Vogel racked up big margins in urban areas to beat fellow State Sen. Byrce Reeves:


Overall, 60% of voters yesterday drew a Democratic ballot:

Northam carried all but three of the state’s districts. Perriello crushed 3:1 in his old seat, the 5th, and took the two others in Appalachia:


On the GOP side, Stewart came in second place, but won more districts than Gillespie:


Finally, 7 of the 11 districts cast more Democatic ballots than Republican ones. Again, Perriello’s home 5th district is blue here, as is Northam’s 2nd district.