Trump To Kentucky To Sell Health Insurance Plan

President Donald Trump will hold a rally tonight in Louisville, Kentucky to push for the GOP’s ObamaCare reform plan at 7:30.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will be at the event with Trump supports the plan and argues it will be good for the state’s residents.

Under Obamacare, many have learned that possessing a health insurance card isn’t the same as actually having health care. Many Kentuckians have been forced into plans their doctors won’t accept with the cost of premiums and deductibles so high that they fear they can’t afford to get sick. These are the broken promises that Kentuckians have become all too familiar with under this failed law.

Because of the unsustainable costs of Obamacare, insurance companies are offering fewer plans in fewer places across the country. In Kentucky’s 120 counties, 54 have only one choice for an insurance provider in the marketplace. Having only one option is really having no option at all.

Through letters, emails, calls, and nearly 50 public forums at health care centers across the state, thousands of Kentuckians have told me about the painful effects of Obamacare. In order to protect these families, the time to act is now.

The Bluegrass state’s junior Senator, Rand Paul (R) held an event earlier today in which he laid out the case against the GOP’s plan.

Sen. Rand Paul is heading back to Capitol Hill before President Donald Trump arrives in Kentucky, citing the need to defeat the very bill that Trump is expected to tout in the Bluegrass State on Monday night.

“I’ve got to get to Washington so I can work on the coalition that is trying to defeat the bill, so we’re not exactly on the same page on this,” Paul said Monday at a constituent event here.

“I don’t think they have the votes to pass it right now,” the Kentucky Republican said of House leadership. “If the conservatives stay solid, the bill will at least temporarily be defeated, and then the real negotiations begin. Conservatives will only have a seat at the table if they can stop the initial [House GOP] plan from going through.”

GOP Governor Matt Bevin, who challenged and lost to McConnell for the party’s Senate nomination in 2014, has expressed concerns with the GOP’s plan.

Aside from Paul’s Senate vote, Trump will no doubt be trying to persuade public opinion and Kentucky’s members of  Congress.

5 of the state’s 6 members of Congress are Republicans.

James Comer (KY-1) says he supports the plan.

Brett Guthrie (KY-3) is a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee where he voted in favor of the part of the plan that committee has jurisdiction over.

Thomas Massie (KY-4) is an outspoken opponent of the legislation.

Hal Rogers (KY-5) does not appear to have gone on record regarding the legislation.

Andy Barr (KY-6) changed from a potential no vote to a supporter after meeting with the President at the White House last week.