Today’s Senate Committee and Floor Votes for Cabinet Nominees- 1/23/2017

CIA Director- Mike Pompeo

The Senate voted on Friday to start debate today, which should begin shortly after the Senate restarts business at 3pm. There is six hours allotted for debate and Republicans have enough votes to push cloture and a floor vote thereafter.

Secretary of State- Rex Tillerson and (possibly) UN Ambassador Nikki Haley

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote on the recommendation of Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State today at 4:30pm. Marco Rubio remains the only possible holdout on the Republican side, but there will be tremendous pressure on him to vote with the Party at large. A floor vote may come as early as mid-week. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley may also get a committee vote today. Her hearing went over very well last week and she is expected to have one of the easiest floor votes.

This kicks off a potentially contentious, busy week of committee and full floor votes that includes Jeff Sessions (Attorney General, committee vote Tuesday), Ben Carson (HUD, committee vote Tuesday), Wilbur Ross (Commerce, committee vote Tuesday), Elaine Chao (Transportation, committee vote Tuesday). Rick Perry (Energy) is a possible for a direct floor vote.