Senate Judiciary Committee Votes on Gorsuch

This morning, after a one week delay request from Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein, the Judiciary Committee votes on recommending judge Neil Gorsuch to the Senate for the Supreme Court. The positions of nearly every Democratic member is well known, though Senator Feinstein has not stated her official position, we’ve had her down as a NO on both confirmation and cloture since nearly the beginning, based on her reactions to his announced nomination. Senator Leahy is a no but had stressed last week he was waiting on answers from Gorsuch before deciding whether or not to filibuster. As of this writing we have forty Democratic Senators as likely to filibuster. Chis Coons is the only Democratic member of the committee we still have down as an unknown. If he announces, or Leahy soon after, that he’s against cloture, that’s 41, and we’re on nuclear watch.

We will update this post as the vote is cast.

After the Chairman Chuck Grassley made his comments in defense of Gorsuch, Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein is railing the blocking of Garland and “dark money”. We have had the Senator from California as a no from the very beginning, expecting her to announce her opposition soon.

And there it is: NO from Feinstein. But if you had been following our count, you would’ve known that already.

Now Leahy is talking. 

Mark Warner (not on Committee) has announced he will oppose cloture and the nominee. #41 against

Chris Coons will oppose the nomination and its advancement. He has not specifically stated what he plans to do on the cloture vote.

Committee voted 11-9 officially to advance the nomination.