Senate Judiciary Committee Delays Vote on Gorsuch Until April 3rd

Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has announced that the committee vote on Neil Gorsuch has been delayed to April 4th. Ranking member Dianne Feinstein is reminding the committee of the non-hearing for Merrick Garland. As of today, all Republicans will vote for recommendation, so Gorsuch will get that aye vote, the question is if any Democrats on the committee will vote for him. Senator Patrick Leahy has already announced his opposition but remains on the fence when it comes to a filibuster. Senator Chris Coons has opposed a blockade of the nominee, but has not publicly revealed his yea or nay on the judge. Senator Dick Durbin also remains undecided on filibustering. The remaining Democratic members are publicly opposed to Gorsuch and on board with a filibuster.