Our Upcoming Election Coverage in Kansas and Georgia

The Decision Desk HQ is proud to be covering the special Congressional elections in Kansas’ 4th district and Georgia’s 6th district. While both races fill Republican vacancies, they couldn’t be any more dissimilar.

For Kansas’ 4th District, each political party nominated their candidate at convention, so we get to forgo the extra night of clicks that come with a primary. Held on Tuesday evening, the race looks like it will be a Republican blow out (in line with the district’s nature), but a few developments have left some people scratching their heads. First, Republican investment in what will be a rout. The NRCC dropped some cash for a last-minute ad buy, and early voting numbers (what very, very little there are) showed more Democrats casting than Republicans. The NRCC is overflowing with cash right now, and has a more serious race to worry about a week after Kansas: the aforementioned election in the Atlanta suburbs. Considering that the Democratic contender has fought with the state party over a $20,000 mailer and his own poll showed him trailing the Republican by over twenty points, this isn’t going to be a surprise win for team blue. Republicans are probably flushing the district with attention and cash in advance of Georgia to ensure their big blowout and headline. If Republicans fell asleep and Ron Estes only won by 15 points (in a district that went to Trump by twenty-seven), the headlines and narrative in the home stretch of the Battle in Atlanta wouldn’t be encouraging. Blowout or surprise, we will have the tallies live as they roll in this Tuesday evening, starting at 8pm EST.

For Georgia’s 6th District, we are pulling out all of the stops. We don’t want to clue in other news sites on specifics, but needless to say, a simple vote tally won’t do it for us. First, there are eighteen candidates, including 11 Republicans. Second, there is the question of whether or not Jon Ossoff, the leading Democrat who has brought in over $8 million in donations, can win an outright majority. Third, if he falls short, can we pull anything from the night’s returns to clue us in on runoff dynamics? Addressing all of this and more, our straight results feed will be augmented with an assortment of handy displays, generated from the minds of DDHQ contributors Miles Coleman, Jonathan Schafer, Michael Guidry, Ryne Rohla, and Joel Fagin. We also plan to parse out, where possible, early/absentee data on election night to build a rapid picture of what is unfolding. On top of all of that, you might just see me on a live feed somewhere that night (I promise you that there will be fewer mentions of Pennsylvania). Our coverage will begin at 7pm EST on April 18th.

We don’t stop with Georgia, of course: South Carolina will hold its primaries for the 5th Congressional District on May 2nd with a potential runoff on May 16th, there is an open Congressional race in Montana on May 25th, there’s the general election for California’s 34th Congressional District in June, and we haven’t even touched upon the Gubernatorial fights in New Jersey and Virginia.

We hope to see you all each and every election night.