Opinion-Savvy/DDHQ #ALSen Poll: Roy Moore 46.4%, Doug Jones 46%

With the special election just weeks away, Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones are essentially tied in the latest Opinion-Savvy poll of likely Alabama voters. In the previous survey, Moore lead Jones by 5.7%. Jones holds a sixteen point lead among women, while Moore enjoys a twenty point lead among men. Beyond the horse race between the two declared candidates, voters were also asked about the allegations that broke in the Washington Post yesterday, and if Moore should withdraw from the race over them. An overwhelming share of those surveyed- 82.2%- were aware of the allegations. A majority of voters- 54%- do not think Moore should withdraw at this time. Among Republicans, that percentage soars to 72.9%.

We also asked voters if, given the option, they would vote for Moore, Jones, or write in current Republican Senator Luther Strange. With this added option, Moore trails Jones narrowly, 41.3% to 43.6%, with Strange getting 12.3% as a write-in. Republican voters still prefer Moore in this scenario, but splinter considerably: 63% back Moore, 15.7% back Jones, and 17.7% opt to write in Strange.

The poll was conducted on November 9th of 515 likely voters via landline and mobile.

For full cross-tabs and methodology, click here.

The write-in question paragraph was rewritten for clarity after some initial confusion about Republican voter preference.