Los Angeles Mayoral Primary Coverage

Los Angeles County is holding its municipal primaries today, and we are watching the Los Angeles Mayoral results to see if incumbent Mayor Eric Garcetti wins outright or faces off against an also-ran in May. In addition, we’re keeping an eye on Measure S, one of the rare ballot initiatives that has been opposed by nearly every political party.

Polls close in Los Angeles at 8pm PST, so results will begin posting here after 11pm EST.

Votes in right now are mostly Vote By Mail

Realistically, this is probably 15-16% of the total vote already in. With abhorrent turnout, a clear sample of the citywide vote thanks to VBM, Garcetti cleared the 50% threshold and will not face a run-off.

Reviewing same-day vote, no difference from the VBM to give Measure S a chance. Fails.

County Measure H Updates:

Final precincts reported late last night,and before provisionals and remaining VBM are counted, Measure H appears to pass, 67.44%-32.56%. Once the size of this outstanding vote is ascertained, and a considerable portion is processed, we’ll know for sure.

YES 422456 67.62%

NO 202283 32.38%

(NEEDS 66.67% TO PASS)

Updated 3/10

62,765 out of the estimated 294,900 ballots left to count on Wednesday have been counted, and the YES margin creeped up by 0.18%. With over 230,000 still left to count, Measure H is looking good to pass but there’s still too many ballots left that could just barely swing it.

L.A. city races-

Precincts reporting: 100%

City of Los Angeles Measure S

Yes 77748



Los Angeles Mayoral:

Eric Garcetti has won outright and will not face a runoff (updated 849pm PST)

Eric Garcetti 80.87% (202,278 votes)

Mitchell Jack Schwartz 8.22% (20,561 votes)

David Hernandez 3.42% (8,548 votes)

Diane “Pinky” Harman 1.33% (3,324 votes)

David “Zuma Dogg” Saltsburg 1.28% (3,196 votes)

Dennis Ritcher 1.20% (2,993 votes)

YJ J Draiman 0.91% (2,279 votes)

Erick Preven 0.82% (2,039 votes)

Frantz Pierre 0.81% (2,023 votes)

Yuval Kremer 0.60% (1,491 votes)

Paul E. Amori 0.55% (1,386 votes)