Jon Ossoff Raises $8 Million In GA-06 Special Election

Roll Call

Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff raised $8.3 million during the first quarter of the year, his campaign announced Wednesday night.

His campaign haul dwarfs those of his GOP opponents who have already announced theirs. Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel raised $463,000 and has $183,000 cash on hand. Her campaign noted that 90 percent of her individual donors were from Georgia. Former state Sen. Judson Hill’s campaign said he raised $473,000 and has $113,000 in the bank. Several GOP self-funders have yet to announce their figures.

Ossoff’s haul dwarfs that of the leading Republicans.

Meanwhile, former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel’s campaign announced it has raised $463,000 so far and has more than $183,000 in the bank with roughly two weeks until Election Day. Handel’s campaign said nearly 90 percent of its reported 831 individual donors are from Georgia. (A detailed list has yet to be made available on the Federal Election Commission’s website.)

Former state Sen. Judson Hill previously disclosed that he’s raised $473,000 and that he had $113,000 on hand.

The challenge for Ossoff is that 95% of his donations come from out of the district. He’s clearly captured the imagination and energy of national Democrats and progressives but will that translate into a district where Republican Tom Price won in November by 26%.

The all party primary is April 18th. If no candidate receives a majority of the vote there will be a runoff election in June.